You Are Always Welcome!

Rock Chapel United Church, Flamborough, Waterdown & Dundas.


We are very pleased to be considered as partners in the planning of your joyous day and joy-filled life of love!   


When you come to Rock Chapel you will find support for the development of your new life together as well as a community of faith that will offer their support and blessings.                                                 

A wedding at Rock Chapel is a sacred event!                                       

You do not need to be a member or an attendee of Rock Chapel though your inquiries to do so would be most welcomed. However, we assume that by wishing to be married in this sanctuary that you desire to ask God’s blessing upon your marriage, covenanting your vows before God, family and friends as an expression of the freedom, joy and sanctity of a lifelong, life-giving relationship. that you desire.  We will endeavour to respect all traditions that support such a covenant. Off-site ceremonies can be arranged and would continue the same intent of blessing a covenant.



We hope the following details will help your initial planning.

Booking Time and Services: Please contact us as soon as possible with a minimum of two (2) months before your wedding.  Bookings are considered final once the couple has met with the minister and a $200 deposit is to be made.  This deposit is refundable up until two (2) weeks prior to the wedding. The minister retains the right to adjust these fees based on financial circumstance.     

Services:  These are provided on a team basis, which consists of the Minister, Organist and Church Caregiver.  It also includes the use of the Sanctuary and ancillary rooms.  Receptions can be negotiated separately.  Off-site ceremonies will be considered and fees may be adjusted. 

Fees and donations are: $200 for the Minister, $150 for the Organist, and a tax-receipt donation of $300 to the church for the ongoing ministries of the congregation for a total of $650.00.  Rock Chapel must receive a single cheque or cash for $450.00 at least one week before the wedding.


Beginning the Relationship: Like most churches, we ask all couples being married in our sanctuary or by our minister to enter into marriage preparation sessions, either by taking part in a certified course or by meeting with the minister for two or three sessions.


Music:  Since a wedding is an act of worship with God as the principle focus, the selection of music is important. The Organist retains the right to play all music and is the one to give permission for all other musical participation, including the participation of soloists and/or the selection of electronic music. Early consultation with the Organist is essential and may require a separate meeting at least 1 month prior to the ceremony.


Rehearsal:  Arrangements for the rehearsal shall be made with the Minister. The entire wedding party, including the parents of the bride and the groom should be in attendance. The rehearsal shall not take place if the Wedding Party is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This assessment shall be at the discretion of the Minister.


Legal Requirements: A current provincial marriage license must be presented to the Minister one (1) week prior to the rehearsal.  No marriage shall be performed where either or both parties of the Wedding Couple are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  This assessment shall be at the discretion of the Minister.


Photography: No photographs are to be taken in the sanctuary during this sacred ceremony. Photographs are allowed during the Processional, signing of the Registry and the Recessional only. Videotaping by one individual may be allowed from a discreet, stationary point in the sanctuary without the use of lights. Please consult with the minister on this matter.


Bulletin/Order of Service: The order of the service will be decided upon consultation with the Minister.  Special service bulletins/covers are the responsibility of the Wedding Couple.  United Church Wedding Bulletins and printing of the order of service may be provided.


Use of the Building:  The church will be open one-half (1/2) hour prior to the rehearsal and one (1) hour prior to the Service.  Ushers should arrive thirty (30) minutes before the Service and the Groom and his Attendant should arrive no later than twenty (20) minutes before the service.


Arrangements must be made with the Minister for the decorating and un-decorating of the Sanctuary. Priority will be given to restoring the space for regular worship.


The Communion Table, Cross and Baptismal Font shall remain in the space.  Other sanctuary furnishings are not to be moved or re-arranged without prior agreement with the Minister. 


The Wedding Party is responsible for the supply, placement and removal of pew bows, flowers, candles and other such items. Should the Wedding Couple wish to incorporate candles into the Ceremony, the candles are to be drip-free, fragrance free and comply with all fire regulations in their placement.


There shall not be any rose petals, rice, confetti, birdseed or other such articles scattered anywhere on the property. 


In the case of damage to the Church property and its furnishings, the Wedding couple will be held responsible for all charges necessary to repair any damage.                       


We welcome further discussions and would like to extend blessings for your future together in a new way!



Click here to download our Wedding Policy Brochure