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Rock Chapel United Church, Flamborough, Waterdown & Dundas.

Facility Rental

Welcome to Rock Chapel Church and the use of its premises for your event.  In order to ensure a mutually satisfactory and safe relationship, please review the following conditions and policies.

Rental Rates per Event: (click room heading for photo)

Upper Hall


Lower Hall


Per Event Honararium Rate: (new rates effective Jan. 15, 2012)

Sanctuary $300.00, Upper Hall & Kitchen (4 hours or less) $150.00, Upper Hall & Kitchen (full day rental) $250.00


Room Booking Policy and Use of Church Facilities

1)      A Booking Form must be filled out and approved by the office of Rock Chapel United Church.

2)      Please ensure that you receive a copy of the approved booking and rate schedule.

3)      Facilities are generally booked on a first come-first serve basis. However, please note that Rock Chapel Church reserves the right to make changes based on emergency needs.  These rare occasions will be discussed as soon as possible in order to minimize disruption.

4)     Supervision:  All minors (under 18) must be under the direct supervision of an appropriate number of adults at all times.

5)      Storage:  All storage of equipment and supplies must be approved by Rock Chapel Church.

6)      Windows/Doors/Lights:  Close and lock all windows and turn off all the lights at the end of your event.  Outside doors must be locked if not in use. Ensure that all doors are locked at the end of your event.

7)      Security:  In the event of security or other situations arising during the course of an event, immediately notify the Emergency Contact People posted on the wall beside the telephone and provided to you with your room booking agreement.

8)      Thermostats:  Please do not change the thermostats without prior permission and instruction.  If there are concerns, please notify the office.

9)  Security Deposit:  A refundable damage/cleaning deposit of $100 will be required for all groups, in advance of the event.  If payment is a cheque, it will be cashed immediately.

10)  Certificate of Liability may be required. If you have an ongoing event, consider adding “Rock Chapel” to your insurance policy and provide the office with a copy of the Certificate.

11)  Smoking/Alcohol:  is not permitted within the church facilities.  Smoking outside the building may be permitted in the parking area and containers must be provided and used by participants in order to ensure the safety of the property and our neighbours.

12)  Posters, Displays:  do not display signs, notices etc on the exterior or interior of the Church without prior authorization.

13)  Food and Beverages: Consumption of food and beverages in the Sanctuary must receive prior authorization.

14) Garbage: All kitchen garbage must be removed from the premises after the event.

15)  Property Damage:  Rock Chapel United Church takes great pride in maintaining all of its facility to the best of the congregation’s abilities.  Damage arising as a result of negligence, lack of supervision, wilfulness etc.  is unacceptable. Repair costs for any damage will be billed to the group involved and may constitute just cause to terminate the Room Booking Agreement.

16) Termination of Use of Facilities:  The Council of Rock Chapel United Chair, upon recommendation of the Property Chair, reserves the right to deny use of the Church facilities, after due notice, if the letter or intent of the above policies are not followed.  Due notice is considered to be 30 days or as per agreement reached with individual groups.



Please leave a message at the Church Office 905-689-5946 or email to book your event today!